A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Satan is your kinda-sorta-boyfriend, and you're in Hell after you sold your soul. (Grad school will do that to you.)

Loosely inspired by Dante's Inferno, you have to get from Limbo to the Ninth Circle. Make friends (and enemies!) along the way, help poor souls, discover a growing plot, and don't abandon all hope.

*Achievements system!
*Side quests!
*Semi-open world!
*Easy Mode AKA Baby Soul Mode!
*You can pet the cats and dogs!

This is my first game and based on a trilogy I've written. Based on the second book, the game focuses on Sibyl ("Sib") as she tries to find her identity in Hell. I completed this for a graduate class.

Can be completed between 1 to 3 hours on the first run.

Install instructions

To play: When you download the file, it will ask to extract. (If Windows tries to "protect" you, hit "Advanced options" and choose "Run anyway.") When you extract, it will create a folder called "Abandon." Go into it and choose "Game" with the red dragon icon.

Fullscreen: Right-click top bar and choose "Properties." Check "Launch in Full Screen."

Controls: This game does not use a mouse.

Directional pad: Move

Esc: Menu

Enter: Interact

Hold Shift: Run


Abandon.exe 361 MB